Harry’s Trees

Author: Carolyn R. Wilker
Illustrator: Maja Wizor
ISBN: 9781988155098
SRP: $9.95

Harry’s Trees is a delight for young readers as they experience the importance of trees in each season. Harry has plans. He knows one day he will be old enough to look after the farm, and more importantly, his beloved trees. That not only excites him, but it makes him hungry to learn as much as he can.”





Good Grief People

Good Grief People is an anthology filled with real stories respecting and affirming the individuality of grief and the reality of hope.

Good Grief People offers no specific formula for grieving but it does offer an opportunity for readers to know they are not alone. Faith-filled reflections, experiences of a living God, quiet poetic contemplation and stories of loving families and supportive communities offer the reader some insight into the many ways people grieve.

Death is part of life. Sometimes it can be a very painful part of life, but it is something none of us can escape. Deep grief is a sign of deep love and the passionately written stories in Good Grief People honour and recognize that everyone grieves differently.

ISBN: 97819881550050
SRP: $20.00




Once Upon a Sandbox

“Whether it’s helping to whitewash a barn, hoeing endless rows of vegetable plants, or driving tractor to prepare for spring seeding, there’s plenty of work to be done on a farm. Through this collection of prose and poetry, reflect on the realities of farm families, their connection with community, weather and economy, as well as being stewards of the land from which they make a living.”

Reviews and Response

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Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon

In a complicated, busy world, do you feel overwhelmed and insignificant? The heartfelt stories in this collection will take you to a quiet place and remind you that simple acts of love can make a lifetime of difference. Includes a short story by Carolyn Wilker.

Edited by: N. J. Lindquist
Series: Hot Apple Cider Books, Book 6
Genre: Anthology, Christian living, inspirational, life stories
Length: 380 pages
Publisher: That’s Life! Communications, 2015
ISBN: 9781927692165