Maplefest, Buckhorn, Ontario

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On the 24th of March, my husband and I accompanied our daughter and son-in-law and their two daughters to Maplefest that's held near Buckhorn each year. The location was the McLean Berry Farm. It's a bit of a drive but the girls entertained themselves pretty well on the way.

1521905278193.jpgWhen we arrived at the farm, we saw the horse pulling a wagon. We'll get a ride in too, though Dave says it's not very far. Still it's kind of neat.


Big round bales for the children to climb on while waiting for a ride. And someone taking a picture.


You can get your picture taken in this scene.

IMG_20180324_1147370.jpgWatching their Mom and Dad saw a piece off a log

1521906982363.jpg Then we can get a brand on the cut-off piece. I needed one of these for promoting Harry's Trees. Perfect. It's a maple leaf. So fitting.

1521906708632.jpg And another photo opp

IMG_20180324_1123581.jpg The ladies in the maple sugar tent, showing us and telling us how it's done. We got to taste pure maple sugar taffy, then Dave got some floss to try out too. Thanks, Dave.

IMG_20180324_1125271.jpg Fun for the children

It was too cold to tap maple syrup that day, in fact very chilly, but it didn't dampen spirits for the rest of the activities.

IMG_20180324_1156307.jpg We heard a quick talk on the evaporator to see where they boil down the sap

IMG_20180324_1202308.jpg Picture opportunity of our family


And the horses get to have a much needed break. Food time and rest for them over the noon hour. The next visitors got the tractor and wagon for their ride. Still pretty neat for a city family or anyone.


And the video of the wood cutting. Click on it and watch how it's done.

We were glad to get back in the van and warm up a bit on the way to the Grandview Resort. We checked out their trailer, had some lunch that we'd packed, then set off for the trip home. It was a full day, but a good one.

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