World Storytelling Day concert

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World Storytelling Day is a world wide celebration of storytelling. It's website says this:

World Storytelling Day is celebrated every year on March equinox and the following week. This year it starts on Tuesday March 20.The idea is to have as many people as possible tell and listen to stories in as many languages and at as many places as possible.

Stories can be told around the kitchen table, in a public place, or anywhere that people gather. With the resurgence in interest of storytelling, guilds have formed to practise the art of storytelling. It's true that some people are natural storytellers, yet when gathered in a group, like in any speakers' organizations, members learn their strengths and improve their way of telling.

This year again, the Baden Storytellers' Guild, of which I am a member, hosted a concert at the Button Factory in Waterloo, Ontario. To the member tellers was added Paul Caulfield, husband of one of our members. He's told stories about Canadians and also played his guitar at a number of Stories Aloud nights that we host from September to June each year.

The tales began with Lazy Jack, a folktale from England (told by Derek Brisland), followed by French Canadian folktales, Tante O'dette's Oven (Judy Caulfield), The Speckled Hen (John Wesselson) and Jean Labadie's Big Black Dog ( Mary McCullum Baldasaro). Those stories were followed by another English folktale, The Wise People of Gotham (Brenda Byers) and 7 Tales of Hodja (by Gwen McCutcheon and Kait Taylor). The evening wrapped with an Italian folktale titled Campriano, told by Barb Vollick.

It was an enjoyable evening, sprinkled with much good humour and laughter. Thank you, storytellers.

Thanks to Gail Schenk for the riddles posted around the room, adding another touch of whimsy to a delightful evening.

IMG_20180324_2212352.jpgPerformers: Paul Caulfield, Gwen McCutcheon, Mary Baldasaro, Kait Taylor, Barb Vollick, Derek Brisland, John Wesselson, Judy Caulfield, and Brenda Byers