Making Memories

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On Friday my husband and I attended a funeral for someone from our home community. When Harry was a young man he joined the Junior Farmers' organization in Oxford County. My father, also named Harry, was a member. And that is where Harry met the young woman, named Nina, who would become his wife. Mom and Nina became friends and Dad and Harry got along well, with similar interests in farming and music.

The two couples built a strong friendship as young adults and I remember our family spending time with them. They came to our house for visits and we went there. We went to school with their children, Ricky and Judy, and I remember giggling upstairs in a bedroom in their home when we were meant to be sleeping so that our parents could have a game of cards and a good visit. Perhaps we did fall asleep after awhile.

image1(2).jpeg In our one-room school house with our friends, including Judy (in third row) and Ricky (front row).

They moved off the farm before their next child, Kim, started school and went to the city. We didn't have as much connection with them for a number of years, and after their son, Ricky, died from a short illness, it seemed our connections grew thinner. We were busy on the farm in growing season and they were building a new life with work and social life and raising their children. We didn't forget them, but visits didn't happen. I suspect costs of long distance telephone calls might also have had something to do with it.

Years later another mutual friend and cousin connected their daughter, Judy, with me. We've become reconnected, reacquainted and the years between us do not matter anymore. We have a strong friendship. Though we didn't have much connection through those years, it's like we picked up where we were at the time and went on from there. We've visited at their cottage in Southampton, both indoors and out on the lakefront.

DSCF2757.JPGreconnecting with Nina at their cottage in Southampton

Today we celebrated Harry's life in a community of family and friends at his service. It was celebrated in words, music and photos with a chaplain from Winston Park. Among their slide show photos with family and extended family was a picture of Harry, Nina with my parents.

Harry Brown Mar. 2018 JPEG.jpg

It got me to thinking of the memories we make every day with friends and family. We have photos to record many of those times, and we also have memories of gatherings with warm memories along with times that weren't so comfortable. Ones that have been difficult and painful but where we still had the love of our family and friends to keep us going. And our friendship with Harry, Nina and their family never really ended, but sat there waiting for us to reconnect, which we have now as adults.