PyeongChang Winter Games

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Headline from the Waterloo Region Record today (from Canadian Press):

Virtue and Moir keep Canada in top spot

To think that I saw this couple in their early years of pairs skating makes it very exciting to see them do so well in these Olympic Games. Though I would have liked to see that performance, other critical things got in the way, such as business and the need to sleep. Still I'm encouraged that the Canadian team is doing so well.

I've enjoyed watching figure skaking over the years. This couple performed at our hometown figure skating carnival one year and we were privileged to watch them. Little did we know the drive and effort that would keep them going to this place.

Much work and many hours of training go into a successful performance. Having two sisters who've been in figure skating, one in singles skating and the other on a precision team, I recognize that much effort that goes into making all those moves look so easy, but they aren't. I've watched practices and test days. A lot of nerve and energy go into the sport. There's both the physical effort and the grace of dance that make it so powerful to watch. Perhaps it seem so much more powerful from one who's felt not the smoothest on ice.

And still more as Gabrielle Daleman takes gold after her singles skate. Yeah for the Canadian team! Keep going! We're cheering you on.

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