On teaching a blog class

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It never fails, when I start to teach a blog class at the community centre, I have adult students who have very little experience with technology and especially of things related to internet and blogging. I also have had students who cannot remember their email address and password,something they need to build their first account. Tough way to start.

We've had students working on iPads and tiny tablets to borrowing someone else's computer and not really knowing how to use it. But in the last two classes that experience had changed to a few who are already tech savvy, and from whom I learned a thing or two about technology.

My current students, two gentlemen who are brothers, already have varying experience with blogging and have come to learn more. One of them has quite an active blog for which I commended him. He has a great start and I'm challenged on what else to teach. Quite often it takes a whole class to figure out the meme, a blog title and setting up the account. Some have been so flustered that they haven't pursued the blog or seemed frozen in fear. Nevertheless, for those hardy folks who stay with it, there are still things to teach and I learn more along the way.

If a student who is well travelled wants to write about their experiences, they have much to write about and still there's the question of how to start. Too narrow a theme or meme, as it's called, and it's hard to get the interest of many people. Some of the top blogs in Canada are about travel. We talked in our last class about popular topics. They include food, healthy living, diet, moms with kids, home and gardening, books and crafts and home renovations and more.

While I may not have travelled abroad or travel often, I can find topics closer to home for my blog, Storygal, about life love and gardening. And I do like to follow travel blogs when the photos are excellent and the writing is conversational and easy to read.

If you're planning to get into blogging, you may need some help to get started. Take a class, find bloggers to follow and engage in their conversations wherever they spread their posts, over social media and on their site. Even liking their posts shows the blogger someone is interested. Best wishes to you as you set out on a new endeavour.