Oh, Christmas Tree

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Our Christmas tree is an eclectic collection of memories. The ornaments come from a variety of places and people.

DSCF9527.JPGThis machine stitched emblem was a gift from Elaine, a former member of our Business Associates Breakfast.

DSCF9520.JPG This one is made from a gourd that's carved out to resemble a bird house. I bought it from a vendor at Christmas in Paris a couple of years ago. It's delightful.

DSCF9522.JPG This ornament came from my friend Karleen who now lives in Colorado Springs. I put it on the tree every year to remember the diversity of culture in that area that includes native Americans.

DSCF9525.JPGOne of my pewter ornaments made in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. This one of many was a gift from my friend Maryann who lives out east.

DSCF9524.JPGSanta, ready for the beach, from New Zealand. A gift from our daughter, Adrienne, and son-in-law, Tyler, when they lived across the world from us. They're not likely to forget that Christmas when they couldn't get a turkey dinner.

DSCF9528.JPGOne of my favourite angels, from the Angel Store in St. Jacobs, Ontario. I love how the light shines through it.

DSCF9530.JPGA lovely beaded ornament, one of a set, made by my writer friend, Kelly, some time ago. Still goes on my tree every year.

DSCF9517.JPG My tree with other ornaments and a tree skirt that I made in my craft business days. A crocheted snowflake made by my mother-in-law, a hand-print ornament with my granddaughter's hand, a broom doll, also from craft days. A cross-stitched elf made by a choir mate, Pat, when I sang in a particular choir. Love them all.

What memories does your tree hold? Can you name them?