Autumn is here

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Like the poem, Indian Summer, by Canadian poet William Wilfred Campbell, we've seen trees turn color, geese gather in 'V' formations to fly south and gardens slowly winding down. I went out to take some photos this morning in the damp, chilly air and here's what I saw.

DSCF1477.JPG A few last morning glories smiling at the sun ...

DSCF1478.JPG nearly bare vines holding onto last seed pods that I haven't yet harvested

DSCF1479.JPGHeuchera not blooming but the leaves still look good

DSCF1480.JPGScented geraniums with a few last pink flowers, and the leaves beginning to turn red as they do in autumn

DSCF1482.JPGMums transplanted from a pot, brilliant red

DSCF1483.JPG A young maple in our back yard, showing off its red leaves, waiting for someone to take it home and plant it in a bigger space

DSCF1484.JPG The carrots did well this year. I thinned them earlier in the season and they've grown big. Time to take them out of the ground.

DSCF1485.JPGA few last tiny tomatoes, they also did well this year. With the frost, it would be a good idea to gather the last ones in soon.

DSCF1487.JPG The sedum tops are changing colour too

DSCF1493.JPGAnd the trees in our neighbourhood are changing from green to red ...

DSCF1494.JPG and orange.

Across the street the tree that turns to a lovely yellow is just beginning to change colour. That picture will have to wait.

DSCF1491.JPGThe michaelmas daisies are still a lovely pink ...

DSCF1496.JPG and a few last gaillardia are hanging in while the arctostaphylus next to it now bear red berries.

Thus it is with the gardens in the fall. A time to slow down and stop blooming, and rest for the winter. While we mortals keep going, but sometimes at a slower pace.

My husband took out the snow shovels but I hope we don't need them for awhile yet.

How's your garden doing?