Launching Harry's Trees

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Two little girls who attended the launch with their Mom, Rachel (photo credit: Mary Pfaff)

Just over a week ago, after much preparation and promotion, I launched my children's picture book, Harry's Trees. My general market version of the book rolled off the press in mid-June just when many people were thinking of summer vacation, and so I decided to wait until September for the launch. Deb Schurink at the Tavistock Library offered to host the event when I asked if it might be possible. After all it was our home town and part of the influence in my father's life and the book.

I wrote the first edition with my family in mind, especially my grandchildren and great nieces and nephews that they would someday know one of their great grandfather's passions. That edition came off the press in early January and my siblings already have their copies.

What happened from there was amazing. People who saw the book envisioned possibilities in the manuscript and art for a wider market, and so once Good Grief People was off the press--another book I'd been working on as a co-author--it was time to get Harry's Trees going again. I hired the team at Angel Hope Publishing to look after the paperwork involved in registering the book, the ISBN, and alterations to match the typical picture book on the market. The art and the story remained the same.


My friend Liz, the book seller for the event (photo credit: Mary Pfaff)

On Saturday, September 16th, my husband and I arrived at the hometown library, me with hopes of many people coming to the launch. I asked my friend Liz to handle book sales and she was happy to do so. Many members of my family came, Mom, three of my sisters, my daughters, sons-in-law and three of our five grandchildren. I had invited them to help me celebrate the book. Others came too, including two people I'd never met who were intrigued and curious.

Of course, I was delighted that the book's illustrator, Maja Wisor, could join us with her friend Mike. My publisher, Glynis Belec, of Angel Hope Publishing had hoped to be there but had a previous engagement. She was there with us in spirit.

Carolyn's Book Front Cover layout.jpg

DSCF1433.JPGShowing pictures from the book, beautifully illustrated by my artist, Maja Wisor, who was also attending. A beautiful, bright setting in that library.

(photo credit: Len Wilker)

A social time followed the storytelling, with refreshments provided by the library staff.

DSCN3468.JPGLong-time school friends, taking a few moments to pose and share some laughter (Photo Len Wilker)

All in all it was a good day and Harry's Trees was suitably launched to the world.