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image14.JPG Today I wrote for The Word Guild as I do once a month. We are an organization of writers and editors who are Christian. Here's my post:

September 8th to10th was our hometown fall fair-- the place we loved to go with our parents when we were children, the weekend after Labour Day and when we were back in school after the summer. We looked forward to the parade, rides in the midway, eating caramel corn, and seeing our school friends. Incidentally, it was also the place where my parents met when they were young adults, at the Friday night dance.
This year, as an author with a new book, Harry's Trees, I'd signed up early and paid for a table where I could meet people of my hometown community. I had other books too, but my new picture book rose to the top in interest. Probably helped by articles in the Tavistock Gazette, the Ontario Farmer and Oxford Review and people who knew my Dad and his inspiration for this book.
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